Miranda Winters Xobeci, What Grows Here?


June 15th, 2018

Miranda Winters is a song-writer and musician best known for her role as the indomitable vocalist / guitarist of Chicago powerhouse, Melkbelly. Drawing on deep roots as a song-writer in Chicago DIY, Winters continues to evolve a signature sound by pursuing her music as a solo artist. "Xobeci, What Grows Here?" (2018) is a collection of songs that display her writing in a notably stark and unadorned setting. A handful of stripped-down tracks are stitched between musical interludes and low-fi field recordings to manifest the unmistakeable aesthetic Winters has become known for: infectious noise pop that is simultaneously ominous and ethereal.

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1. The Futuristic District
2. With Love From St. Fake, WI (P.A.M.)
3. A Series of Small Explosions
4. A Hardy Garden Plot Intro
5. A Hardy Garden Plot
6. Laundry List of Rabbits
7. O, No. C'mon Please!
8. Mickey's Dead Stuff
9. Glitter House
10. O.T.O. Revised